White South Sea Baroque Necklace 10-12mm, Cool Breeze Blue

$2,190 $876

Baroque strands are one of the most sought after pearls out there due to their uniqueness. If you are one of those people who like to feel special, unique yet gorgeous, while wearing their jewelry – this is the item for you. With radiant silver blue overtones, this necklace is bound to catch attention.


Baroque pearls are known for their uniqueness and being the closest to natural pearls. Their luster is second to none due to the thick coating and the fact that each pearl is unique. This breathtaking strand of pearls originating from the shores of Indonesia, has a beautiful silver-blue luster and is bound to stand out against any skin tone.
The true random shapes make this a true baroque strand, unique and one of a kind. Such pearls have been hard to come across due to the demand in the market for such unique necklaces. The pearls graduate from 12mm (center) to 10mm. We are happy to have been able to craft baroque strands of the best quality.

Upon purchase, each pearl is strung individually using the most durable string to insure maximum safety and longevity of the thread. Our pearl masters who have been in the industry fo decades personally see to the stringing process, assuring the finest quality.

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