Japanese Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings 9-9.5mm

Japanese Akoya Pearl Stud earrings are a fashion icon, as much as they are timeless. Their simplicity brings the pearls’ beauty to the center of attention and their gorgeous luster and radiance with cause you to glow when you wear them. Anyone who appreciates a pearl’s subtle and profound beauty should have a pair of these.





Types Of Pearls



The Details

Japanese Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings 9-9.5mm

When people discuss the timelessness of jewelry, they most probably have Japanese Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings in mind. The iconic look of Audio Hepburn wearing identical 9-9.5mm stud earrings alone is proof of that.

Audrey Hepburn Wearing Japanese Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

These studs use one of the largest sizes that the Japanese Akoya oyster can yield. They have an unforgettable impact due to their size and quality. The deep luster, and vibrant color overtones indicate a thick coating, and healthy nacre. We hand pick each pearl and sort them into the best possible pairs so that the pair is indistinguishable.

The simple stud design highlights the natural pearl beauty, without compromising on their presence. Thanks to this these earrings are easily used everyday, but still have the presence it takes to wear them to formal occasions. Sometimes, less it more.

These pearls capture the essence of Japanese simplicity and minimalism in design without compromising on esthetics, on the contrary, it amplifies it. These studs are truly a must in every collection. They are set in 14K white gold, with a back that is coated with silicon as an added security measure so that the it doesn’t expand with time as standard “butterfly” backings do.

These pearl studs go well with any of our Japanese Akoya Pearl Jewelry that we offer. Follow this link to view more of these items.

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Pearl Care

Love your pearl and it will love you back

Saltwater pearls are timeless gemstones can last more than a lifetime and bring joy to people for generations if looked after properly. As one of the only organic gemstones pearls do not like chemicals. This means that in order to keep their luster and shine to last you should avoid exposing them to soaps, hairsprays, body & hand lotions, cleaning solutions, chlorine and other substances that you expect to have similar ingredients.

Make sure pearls are the last thing you wear and the first to remove. Remember not to shower with them (to avoid the soaps and shampoos). Be careful with earrings and rings which are especially easy to forget on. Follow these basic instructions and you will maintain your pearls’ vitality. 

What People Say

As a family business, we treat our customers as such

Dori and the staff was very helpful and friendly. My wife was very pleased to receive 3 pair of pearl earrings. Golden, Tahitian and Akoya. I highly recommend buying from Amit Trading.


Paul White

Visited Amit Trading after doing some research online. It was a wonderful experience. Dori was very patient and helpful. Finally settled on a set of pearl necklace and pair of ear studs. Nothing but full of praises for the quality, service and price. Highly recommended!

Lead Shuan Pang

The staff is professional and very welcoming for foreigners.They helped me a lot in the decision process, I picked a very nice set for my wife. Variety is exclusive and beautiful!

Tamir Segal

My Japanese friend recommend this store. I bought a Tahiti pearl necklace and a ring in the store. Dori is super friendly and reliable. He speak English, another shop assistance speak Chinese fluently, so there will be no problem with tourist shopping here. Very nice experience!

Weiqi Shao

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