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Established in 1965 in Tokyo, Japan, Amit Trading is a leading pearl export and wholesale company that delivers the highest quality at the best prices. We are a family business and we treat our customers as such, so please take the time to experience our quality, our selection and our advantage.

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Pearl Academy

Pearl Creation

For centuries pearls were regarded as the most valuable material on earth, as no two of these natural wonders...

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Types of Pearls

Japanese Akoya pearls are cultured using Pinctada Fukata oysters. While most Akoya pearls are cultured in Japan ...

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Pearl Quality (the &...

Pearls are nature’s creation and therefore each one is unique. They are not cut, faceted or manipulated in a...

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Pearl Care and Cleaning

Pearls are natural and delicate. They require care. The rule of thumb is “Last On, First Off” because pear...

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About Our Company

Vast experience meets ambitious vision.

The story of Amit Trading is one of generations. It begins with Zvi Chitayat who seized a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to work for a well known Japanese company in their pearl division in 1962. Mr. Chitayat moved to Kobe (known until today as the “Pearl City”) as a pearl buyer and embarked on a career in a very traditional Japanese trade.

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